Personal Branding or Preschool Branding?

“Positioning is not what you do to a product. It is what you do to the mind of a prospect” As a Preschool Owner, the first step of starting out with strategizing for any preschool marketing activity that you conduct must be on the basis of the purpose that you want to serve and how you will be positioning your brand.

Preschool franchisee or your own preschool brand?

Setting up your own Preschool is like sowing a seed and growing it by yourself as the days go by. You will have to start from scratch with a whole lot of planning and researching, studying the latest trends and what goes into setting a preschool up, the finances and any existing resources or procurement of new ones. And although this may seem like a

What are the most important factors to consider while you are setting up your own preschool?

Setting up your Preschool is a huge commitment and requires a lot of insight, as we all know. And to kickstart your successful Preschool brand, your drive and passion for your Preschool is enough as long as you have these 5 things in mind!

How to attract parents to your preschool through Facebook?

Today, every second person has gotten an account on facebook. India reports itself to be the country with the most facebook accounts in 2021 with 290 million active users (Source: and that’s saying something!

How to promote your Preschool on International Women's Day?

Every year, for over a 100 years or so, the world celebrates International Women’s Day which was originally started as a movement to advocate equal pay and rights for all women.

How to Promote your Preschool this Independence Day?

As 75th Independence Day is approaching, it’s time to immerse in patriotic fervor. India has proven itself to be a warrior through the coronavirus pandemic so far and it’s only a matter of time till all schools and preschools start re-opening.

Have you lost your Job as a Preschool teacher during the Pandemic?

Well, you’re not alone! Life has been turned upside down for nearly 800,000 teachers pan India (Source: While we truly understand the set-back of losing on vital years of your career due to unavoidable circumstances,

How to Hire a Preschool Teacher?

One understated truth about running a successful preschool is the importance of hiring an efficient teaching staff. While the operations of a preschool revolves crucially around executing a meal plan or accomplishing daily lesson plans, one must also understand that the backbone of a preschool system are the teachers.

How to Create and Maintain an Enquiry Tracker?

We all know that in order to drive effective results, warehousing your preschool inquiry data is of utmost importance. And while that comes at a later stage, to start off with, having an enquiry tracker will allow you to maintain an updated log of all the individuals interested in being associated with your Preschool.

How to Promote your Preschool on Ganesh Chaturthi?

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How to Ensure Safety in Your School Post Lockdown?

We understand the fear and concerns of young parents once their little ones need to step out of the safety circle of their home, once schools resume. The pandemic is far from over, considering the fluctuation in the number of cases. Thankfully, children have not been largely impacted by the COVID-19 situation,

How to Promote your Preschool on Rakshabandhan?

Celebrating the beautiful bond of love between a brother and a sister is the festival of Raksha Bandhan, falling on the full moon night of Shraavan as per the lunar calendar. With a blend of diverse cultures in our country, India celebrates Raksha Bandhan beyond borders and boundaries

Preschool Marketing Ideas that work?

The Preschool marketing industry is one which is enrolment based and thrives on a preschool’s hold in the market. A Preschool owner is more likely to forget the importance of marketing whilst carrying out all the other functions which go into taking care of a young toddler.

How to make a Preschool Marketing Plan Template?

Much like the order of nature, marketing is an inevitable part of conducting any business. It comes as a part and parcel of reaching out to potential customers, establishing relationships and conveying value to them.But, in times like these where staying in has become the new norm,