About Us

Preschool Owners, aspiring and established, face countless problems and fight innumerable doubts to survive and succeed in the industry. The current situation of the pandemic is only adding to their stress. In order to stay afloat, they have to pay huge amounts on franchise and royalty due to which they merely reach a break-even point. Profit-making is delayed and there is constant financial stress that the Preschool owners experience.

Additionally, running a Preschool is a lot of work. It involves many areas that require constant attention. From sales, operations, to parent communication everything needs to be done with an eagle’s eye. Also, every department or area is interconnected and more importantly interdependent.

MyPreschool is an all-in-one online platform to start, manage and grow your preschool business. It is a one-stop solution for all your preschool requirements such as managing leads, a mobile application for parent communication, preschool curriculum aligned with NEP guidelines, lesson plan manuals, videos to guide you at every step, and much more.

We aim to help aspiring preschool owners to start their own preschool brand in the most cost-effective way.