All in one online platform to grow your preschool business

  • Simplified preschool lead management
  • One dashboard for all preschool operations & marketing
  • MyPreschool mobile app for parents
  • Access to preschoolcoach videos
  • Access to research-based curriculum and lesson plans

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Comprehensive Dashboard for an
ambitious preschool owner

Manage preschool leads & enrollments, track your conversion ratio, set up monthly targets & know your magic number

Simplified Lead management

Upload single as well as bulk leads & manage all leads on one page

Track your enrollments

Convert preschool leads into enrollments and create enrollment card with a click

Generate invoices

Create customized invoices with your preschool logo

Easy receipts for fee payments

Create and send receipts to parents after payment confirmation

Plan your preschool marketing in advance

Create monthly marketing plans and track

Set up your preschool profile

Set enrollment targets, conversion ratio to identify the MAGIC NUMBER

Online fee collection

Add payment gateway for online fee collection and set payment terms and conditions

Create users and assign rights

Create multiple user accounts for teachers and marketing person

Add classes and sections

Mark attendance on the dashboard and it will reflect on MyPreschool Add multiple preschool classes like playgroup, nursery, LKG, UKG, toddler, daycare, etc.

Customized fee cards

Create fee cards for each class with break-ups like registration fee, annual fee, student kit, etc.

Manage online sessions with easy

Set up schedule for live and recorded sessions. One click access to sessions for parents on mobile app

MyPreschool mobile app for parents

Sub-headline: Parents can download the MyPreschool mobile app to access all information like attendance, assignments, homework, events, online sessions, etc.

Easy-to-us app dashboard

Communicate with parents with from the easy-to-use app dashboard

Set Meal Calendar

Set meal calendar on dashboard and send it on MyPreschool mobile app at one click

Communicate important circulars

Share important circulars to parents directly on the MyPreschool app

Share assignments & worksheets

Upload assignments and worksheets which parents can directly download from the MyPreschool mobile app

Send pictures directly on MyPreschool app

Upload and share multiple pictures with the whole class or individual child's pictures with respective parents

Update preschool events

Pre-plan events like celebrations, field trips, annual day, etc. and share them with parents on the MyPreschool app

Share homework (launching soon)

Share daily homework with parents through the MyPreschool app.

One click attendance management (launching soon)

Mark attendance on the dashboard to show it on the MyPreschool app

Instant notifications (launching soon)

Send instant notifications to parents on Mypreschool App

Set monthly time-table for each class (launching soon)

Set & share monthly time table on the MyPreschool app

Instant chat with parents (launching soon)

Initiate instant chat with parents or allow parents to start chat with school admin through the MyPreschool app

GPS tracking (launching soon)

Help parents track every move of the child with GSP bus or van tracking

Give CCTV access to parents (launching soon)

Grant CCTV access to your preschool through the MyPreschool app

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  • Includes
    My CRM
    Parents Mobile App



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  • Includes
    My CRM
    Parents Mobile App
    Access to PreschoolCoach Videos
    Lesson Plans
    Access to Job Portal
    Access to buy student kit