How to promote your Preschool on International Women's Day?

By Sanket Phadke

Every year, for over a 100 years or so, the world celebrates International Women’s Day which was originally started as a movement to advocate equal pay and rights for all women. Gender equality, particularly in our country has always been very imminent. International Women’s Day is the time where we reflect on the progress women have made over the years and acknowledge the women that you interact with.

It goes without saying that celebrating International Women’s Day with the kiddos at Preschool is a brilliant way of spreading awareness. As important stakeholders in moulding their lives we must teach them equality for all and there is no better way to kick it off than with International Women’s Day this year.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Conduct a social media campaign on #ChooseToChallenge and show your support.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #ChooseToChallenge. The message behind the campaign is calling out gender bias and challenging the society. And in order to show that you are in, one must raise their hand and post it on social media under the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge. As a preschool marketing idea, you can ask for the parents of your children along with the prospective ones to send in their entries which you can showcase on your social media page. The trending format will also give you enough traction on your page and attract prospective parents.

Conduct an online Zumba/ Yoga class for mothers.

For this, tie up with a yoga/zumba professional and conduct an online workshop for an hour on the day itself. Conducting a workshop allows you to directly engage with the mothers who you would otherwise have to coax into making an admission at your Preschool. This activity provides you with a perfect platform to interact and engage with them and also create brand awareness amongst your potential clientele.

Organise a Masterchef competition for women.

For all the mothers, conduct an online masterchef competition where they cook or bake any dish which is their child’s favourite under an hour. This activity will allow them to spend some quality time together with their little one and also engage them in a fun activity. Conduct it during online classes so that the mothers are not left burdened with another task and can enjoy the day off from the regular studies that the school conducts. Additionally, you can also tie up with a brand in the food or appliances category for the prize of the winner and collectively spread awareness about both your brands. Announce the competition a week in advance so that you can raise enough awareness about the competition in due time.

Hold a fancy dress competition with International Women’s Day as the theme.

Ask the parents to dress their children up as famous women in the world for. They could talk about the women they have dressed up as as a part of the competition and learn about them as well. The idea is to promote women empowerment and pay an ode to all the women in the world who have revolutionised or brought about a radical change. The one who is best dressed and delivers their lines perfectly wins the fancy dress competition!

Additionally, in the spirit of celebrating International Women’s Day, conduct a small class activity of having the little ones make a card for their mothers, sisters, grandmothers or aunts with the idea of celebrating and acknowledging all that women do and for being their amazing selves always.

Preschool marketing ideas must always be value based and always deliver the message that the preschool stands for. Societal issues and subjects like women empowerment must always be advocated in their teachings and as a result, days like these must always be capitalised upon.

A preschool marketing strategy must revolve around all mediums of marketing and adopt an omni-channel marketing approach. For all the marketing ideas mentioned above, promoting them digitally along with the print media will allow you to gain maximum coverage. In times like these, it is our responsibility to reach every touch-point a potential parent can come across for our Preschool. For more such preschool marketing ideas and strategies subscribe here and get regular updates on marketing your Preschool effectively.

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