Have you lost your Job as a Preschool teacher during the Pandemic?

By Sanket Phadke

Well, you’re not alone! Life has been turned upside down for nearly 800,000 teachers pan India (Source: https://bit.ly/3iRMV8V). While we truly understand the set-back of losing on vital years of your career due to unavoidable circumstances, we are also here to lift your morale up!

This unprecedented situation has taught us one thing; nothing is permanent. It has made us all emotionally, physically and mentally stronger. Keeping these cognitive aspects alongside, let’s look at the practicable steps that we need to focus on, to get our careers back on track.

Take this Opportunity to Learn

While setbacks will happen and failures will come around, they are necessary for our growth. Pick up things that you have wanted to do for the longest of times but couldn’t because of your work schedule. Utilize your time to learn new skills, develop a branched road map to job opportunities, instead of relying on a single long term plan.

1. Build your Resume

A great opportunity to acquire additional certification or degrees and defer your way back into the employment market. A plethora of learning options are available online, a bunch of the most renowned world libraries have opened up their e-reading centres for enthusiasts all over the world and online courses are now being offered free of charge along with certifications. It's time to pull your socks up and go for it!

No one can overlook a strong resume which you can build and offer once the hiring season rebounds. And in order to give your resume an edge over the crowd, here are some pointers you should keep in mind.

2. Communication Skills

Probably the most basic and non-negotiable skill required for a preschool teacher. Children at this age are new learners. The teacher should be able to communicate with the children on their level of perception as well as be able to break the complex concepts into simpler, interesting and comprehensible formats. Since Early Childhood Education are the foundation years of learning, parents look for regular feedback on their child’s progress report, which must be effectively communicated to them.

3. Creativity and Imagination

Since the attention span of a beginner is quite small, the teacher should be creative enough to adapt lesson plans as per individual child’s need and understanding. Keeping a child engaged constructively through the day is a teacher’s responsibility.

4. Interest in Child Development

Early childhood educators must have a passion and enthusiasm that goes beyond the classroom and playground to help children meet developmental breakthroughs.

5. Patience and Enthusiasm

Young learners are full of energy and curiosity. Preschool educators should bring in a touch of humour to the classroom so that the children build their best memories in school.

6. Willingness to be part of a Team

A strong team of teachers forms the backbone of a preschool organization. A preschool educator should be able to handle stress and at the same time be willing to extend support when and however required.

A few characteristics that a preschool teacher essentially must possess include being kind and caring, a good sense of humour, love for children, passion towards making a difference in young lives, patience, flexibility and dedication. These assets will remain with you for life, whereas, this challenging phase will pass soon. Keep in mind all these aspects mentioned above and you’re set to ace at your next work stint.

Until next time, Stay Positive!