How to Promote your Preschool this Independence Day?

By Sanket Phadke

As 75th Independence Day is approaching, it’s time to immerse in patriotic fervor.India has proven itself to be a warrior through the coronavirus pandemic so far and it’s only a matter of time till all schools and preschools start re-opening.With the festivities starting out soon, Independence Day comes first and it’s always a good idea to get a head-start on marketing your Preschool. Below mentioned are a few marketing ideas that you can undertake to promote your Preschool.

For starters,

1) Announce Independence Week on all Social Media Platforms

Start planning ahead of the D-day by building curiosity on all social media channels you use to market your preschool. Use Saffron, Green, White and Blue for all media campaigns and follow a particular grid to make it look more aesthetic. Use a host of images, creatives, informative and interactive posts to build on to the occasion.

2) Trend a #Hashtag on Instagram

The presence of Instagram cannot be diluted in today’s social media world. Run a #Hashtag on Instagram with a patriotic theme a week before (feel free to contact us for how to create one OR refer to ). This step can increase your preschool’s visibility manifolds and .

3) Design a Tricolor Logo of your Preschool

Get a Tricolor logo of your preschool designed and share it with your current and alumni parents. You can also request them to add it to their social media profiles for 24 hours. This initiative will enhance brand visibility and increase awareness.

4) Organize a 45 min FOC session for a targeted age group

Create a catchy tagline for the online event; include games, music and freebies as a part of Independence Day celebrations. You could also conduct a 360 degree campus tour– this can be a great way to make a good, welcoming first impression.

5) Promote Literacy and Independent Reading

There are several ways to establish your preschool as an authority through promoting the basic Right to Education. Collaborate with your local libraries, host an online reading club, emphasize on independent reading, host a young author club, organize My Favorite Book enactment sessions, are some of the propositions you can choose from this Independence Day. While the above strategies can be directly included in your preschool marketing plan, be reminded that explicit marketing does not work! Keep your action plan direct, but subtle. You can single out from some of the below activities to engage your parents online this Independence Day. Although ‘Word of Mouth’ publicity cannot be considered as a planned marketing strategy, it still reaps results.

1. Announce a Slogan Writing Competition – A short, fervid slogan can make its way into this competition. Give points for originality and the most quirky one wins the competition!

2. Play Dress Up as Freedom Fighters – Probably one of the most popular and timeless acts amongst young learners. And how adorable the little ones look dressed up as their favorite personalities! Announce the winners and celebrate brotherhood by providing printable Online Participation Certificates for everyone.

3. “Salute the Flag” Song and Dance or Mono Act Competition – Ask parents to record and send videos of their little one performing a song or a dance on a patriotic song. Give them an option of role plays and at the end of it provide Participation Certificates for everyone.

4. Organize an Online Craft / Painting Contest – Host online DIY craft or painting contests with tricolor themes. Provide gift hampers for the winners and Participation Certificates for everyone.

5. Paint your Room Tricolor Contest – This is a unique and a novel idea of stepping into people’s heart and their homes! Amidst the current scenario, ask participants to record videos or share pictures of their child’s room decorated in colors of the national flag. Provide gift hampers to the winner!

6. Tricolor Recipe Online Session – For a change, instead of a recipe contest, organize a live session for toddlers with fireless tricolor recipes. Provide printable Online Participation Certificates for everyone.

Marketing a preschool can be a task and hence, we’ve provided you with a host of ideas to get you started on your Independence Day festivities much in advance. Plan and strategize them accordingly and ensure that you cater to every single target age group bracket. For more such preschool marketing ideas, click here and subscribe to get regular updates on various promotional tactics for your Preschool.

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