Preschool franchisee or your own preschool brand?

By Sanket Phadke

Setting up your own Preschool is like sowing a seed and growing it by yourself as the days go by. You will have to start from scratch with a whole lot of planning and researching, studying the latest trends and what goes into setting a preschool up, the finances and any existing resources or procurement of new ones. And although this may seem like a daunting task, we believe that starting your own Preschool brand will prove to be more beneficial than choosing a franchisee and here’s why!

1. Franchisee Fees & Royalty

Starting off with the most obvious one, once you sign a franchisee agreement, you are liable to pay a franchisee fee to your franchisor along with a fixed amount of royalty that you must pay either monthly, quarterly or annually dependent upon the franchisee agreement. Apart from just these, you are also liable to pay minor operating costs such as administration fee, marketing fee, licensing fee, training fee and the like.

While setting up your own Preschool brand may prove to be a one time investment, you will be saving on all your franchisee fees and royalty which you could otherwise use for developing cost-effective preschool marketing strategies or use to to further develop your brand.

2. No domination of the Franchisor

In a franchisee agreement, there is rigid interference from the franchisor’s end and there are high chances of their domination over-ruling your plans. You are also restricted in terms of innovation and always require permissions for any idea or plan that you would like to move forward with. You are not left any flexibility even in the most basic from the most complex of situations that could occur in running a Preschool.

As a result, in setting up your own Preschool brand you can avoid any domination from an external force and operate your Preschool the way you deem fit.

3. Self-Innovation

As much as a franchise provides you with all the necessary tools and resources required for you to run your Preschool, be it training or development, you cannot innovate and ideate on your own ideas for taking your Preschool forward. With your own Preschool brand, you can set your own goal and purpose and devise strategies most relevant to the purpose you want to serve. As opposed to not being able to align with the franchisor’s vision, your brand would also suffer tremendously. Setting up your own Preschool gives you the reins for building on any ideas and plans that you have in mind for ensuring the going concern of your Preschool brand. You are not liable to any to adapt to any formulated plans with regards to curriculum, infrastructure or staff requirements.

We firmly believe that setting up your own Preschool Brand proves to be more beneficial than adopting a franchisee model. Although you may receive all the help and support you need in setting up a Preschool via a franchisor, you also will be incurring costs which you could use effectively in other operational channels.

Your own Preschool brand will give you the freedom to formulate your own framework, on your own terms, and on your own accord. Conduct a thorough analysis before making a calculated decision.

Till then, Stay Safe!