How to attract parents to your preschool through Facebook?

By Sanket Phadke

Today, every second person has gotten an account on facebook. India reports itself to be the country with the most facebook accounts in 2021 with 290 million active users (Source: and that’s saying something!

Facebook provides for a lot of tools to make social media marketing easier for you and your Preschool. To get yourself started, we’ve curated a few starter pack essentials that you must know and understand before starting out with digital marketing or curating any Preschool marketing strategies.

1. Create a Facebook page and not an account for your Preschool

Put simply, a facebook account is personal and a profile wherein you accept requests from your friends. It’s personal and not for any branding or business purposes. A page on the other, is meant for businesses and branding your company. With the goal of marketing your Preschool brand and attracting parents, a page will enable you with a social media address, reach out effectively to your target audience via posts, promotions and showcase what your Preschool does.

Once you create a Facebook page for your Preschool, add the admins who will be handling your page. You must take care that you include the following;

-A compelling brand logo for your profile picture

-A distinctive description of your Preschool

-All information relevant for your Preschool (Contact details, Address details, Website link)

-A search-friendly user name which parents can locate easily

-And lastly, an FB banner with a strong CTA which compels a prospective parent to go through the page.

2. Maintain consistency in posting

The top-most reason for why Preschools have a fall out on facebook pages is because they are unable to maintain consistency in posting. Setting up a page is easy, it’s the maintaining constancy and diligently uploading regularly along with engaging with your audience that is key to being able to attract parents. Put up content which your prospective parents will relate to; for instance, measures taken to ensure safety at your Preschool once you re-open or how to prepare for your child’s first day at Preschool. Engaging with your parents in relevant facebook groups and pages is also a must.

3. Facebook Lives

Facebook lives are an exceptional way of interacting with parents. When you conduct a live, you can not just directly address their views or queries but also deliver value by talking about relevant content. Conducting facebook lives with a paediatrician or a Principal on subject matters which will catch a parent’s attention is bound to attract more and more of your target audience to your page. With a live scheduled, you can promote it along with the expert you collaborate with, reach a wider audience and ensure greater visibility of your Preschool brand on facebook.

4. Mix organic and paid promotions

As much as promoting your page and gaining organic leads is the most ideal route to creating an online community, opting for paid promotions will yield you results which no other method will.A Preschool brand like yours must opt for lead generation which will collect information on your prospective parent’s contact details and help build your database. While opting for this strategy, ensure that there is a strong CTA attached so that the parent is compelled to fill out their details which you can use later on for retargeting. While planning your social media calendar, ensure that you incorporate and set the dates for these paid promotions optimally for maximum conversions.

5. Lastly, prepare a separate budget for Paid Ad Promos

Paid promotions have worked wonders for Preschool brands in our experience. With parents actively spending their time scrolling through facebook, reaching out to them becomes much more easier and paid ad promotions help us in doing so. As a result, it is always best to set your budget aside while deciding on your marketing expenses. Start off small in order to get a better understanding before delving into it deeper and if you are unsure of going about it, seek professional help. They will be in a better position to guide and help you set up the most ideal metrics for reaching out to prospective parents around your area.

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Till then, Stay Safe!