Personal Branding or Preschool Branding?

By Sanket Phadke

“Positioning is not what you do to a product. It is what you do to the mind of a prospect”

As a Preschool Owner, the first step of starting out with strategizing for any preschool marketing activity that you conduct must be on the basis of the purpose that you want to serve and how you will be positioning your brand. Whether it will be yourself or your brand that you will be promoting whilst carrying to your target audience. To understand the difference between the two, here is a quick example.

Nitesh is a Preschool Owner, he promotes himself as the preschool owner while talking to all potential stakeholders and is seen to be the face of his Preschool in all advertisements that are rolled out. This becomes a Preschool Owner’s Positioning. His Preschool’s name is Euro Munchkins and he advertises its logo, stresses on the facilities that his preschool provides, why is it ranked the best in the city from a third person’s point of view. There isn’t any advertisement pertaining to him per se. This becomes Positioning a Preschool’s Brand Name.

In our experience, we have understood that positioning your Preschool through the owner’s perspective does wonders and adds credibility to the brand’s messaging. Here’s why;

1. Increases brand recall:

Prospective parents are more likely to remember you and any interaction that takes place between them and someone credible from the Preschool. Your personal brand will represent itself to become a powerful opinion leader and lead to greater reach and engagement with prospective parents, entailing a high level of brand recall.

2. Adds Credibility

Showcasing yourself as a figure which guides parents and communicates with them in a way which reflects the behaviour of a mentor is bound to enhance the credibility of your Preschool. Your target audience will be more inclined to believe in someone who converses with them and builds a narrative as opposed to flashy advertisements and promotions.

3. Enhanced Relativity

As the face of the brand, you can talk about topics which are very relevant but niche and sit right with prospective parents. You can reach out to a wider audience through your social media pages- (Fun fact: Pages which showcase who is behind them do much better than those which don’t.) and interact with people who are relevant to your Preschool Brand.

Interacting with the audience is the main takeaway from here. All your Preschool marketing campaigns must be communicated in a way which delivers the USP that your Preschool is trying to offer to the children who enroll in your Preschool. Focus on the strengths of your Preschool and deliver it in a way which will engage the parents in some activity and also let them connect with you directly. So the next time they see an advertisement from your Preschool, they will know that they can easily reach out to you, a credible source who will have all the information they might need.

Your Preschool brand is much more than just promoting the amenities, curriculum adopted, staff or the activities and events that are conducted all year round. Your preschool brand integrated with your personal brand can be promoted in a way which delivers maximum value, builds relationships and attracts affiliations which will benefit you and your Preschool alike in the future.

Always keep in mind that to a prospective parent, talking to someone who will be interacting with their child and knowing their story will always leave a better impression than just knowing what the Preschool has to offer.